Making more use of the Juicebox gallery system implemented in the website, I have added galleries for the Photographer Of The Year Competition, both for this years winner Andy Gilbert, and last years winner Richard Connolly. Sadly I don't have the images from the 2013-2014 competitions otherwise I would add a gallery honouring David Mellor too.

The Club AGM was on 29th February 2016. A copy of the minutes will be sent out to all members over the coming weeks, once they have been completed and ratified.

At the meeting, Club Treasurer Chris Roxby sadly announced he was stepping down after 25 years in the position.

The events calendar for the forthcoming year has now been uploaded and can be found here

Richard Connolly (LRPS) has 3 images on display in the the Royal Photographic Society exhibition at the Pyramid Centre, Warrington. The exhibition feature members of the RPS from the Northwest region and there are around 50 images on display. The exhibition is free to enter, and runs until 30th April 2016. Further information can be found on the RPS website here

i have added a news section that will collate news items across 3 categories, "Club News" which is for general announcements to do with the running of the club, "Member Announcements" which is where news items provided or relating to members (such as exhibition entries, external competition results, and so on, and finally "Website News" where announcements regarding updates and changes to the club website are made. All red categories have their own pages, but are also collated together on the Latest News page.