As announced at the club last night, the results are in, as follows. We currently have 31 paid up members, all of whom cast a vote, so a 100% turnout.

Option 1 - Remain at Grappenhall and increase fee to £55 per year - 6 votes

Option 2 - Remain at Grappenhall, keep fee same, introduce additional per session fee - 3 votes

Option 3 - Remain at Grappenhall, keep fee same, amend programme structure to cut costs - 5 votes

Option 4 - Cut costs by moving to Winwick, keep programme and fees the same - 17 votes.

Therefore a clear majority in favour of moving to Winwick. We have a couple of issues to iron out with 100% certainty before we commit to move, but it is anticipated that these will be addressed in the near future, and we could look to move venues in August / September. You will of course be kept up to date via the website, newsletters, and at club nights.

As those who were present at the last club meeting will know we are trying to get more involved with community activities. The idea behind these activities is two fold 1) it assists the community groups involved and 2 ) it is part of the main criteria for obtaining community funding. Making a funding application is definately the only way we are going to be able to replace our aging projection equipment in our current financial situation.

Tonight the club held the first competition of the 2017-2018 club year, and as ever the first of the year was an "open" category, inviting a broad selection of subject matter. The images were judged by Brian Dunsheath ARPS.

Points scored count towards the Photographer Of The Year competition. The winners and placings were as follows:-

We regularly get notifications from other clubs in regards to events that may be of interest to our members. Previously we have been posting them up in "Club News" but I never felt this was a good fit, so I have created a new category and menu item for "External Events".

The events will show up in the aggregated news feed, and will also be available on their own page.

As external events are generally for specific dates, they will expire when the event is concluded so should disappear from the list.

Adela LLosa Collado receiving the Alan Dean Award for the Most Improved Photographer

Congratulations to Adela Llosa Collado who was announced tonight as the winner of this year's Alan Dean Award for the "Most Improved Photographer". The announcement was deferred from the AGM as Adela was unable to attend, and yet it seems the surprise was maintained as Adela looked genuinely shocked to be given the award. Congrats Adela!

We currently have a problem with the website whereby the disk quota is being filled daily, requiring me to come one and clear some space to enable the website to remain active. It appears to be caused by the Flickr galleries caching hundreds of images to our server from the Flickr feeds.

At last night's AGM, two new committee members were appointed - Adrian Battersby taking over the role of "Publicity" as a standalone role, and Kelvin Norton taking on two new roles of "Club Archivist" and "Club Librarian". More about these roles and how they will develop over time will be communicated at club events and through the newsletter/website.

Please note, that following the AGM, and to ensure that the club remains solvent going forward, the membership voted unanimously to increase the annual single membership fee to £40 per year, and the annual joint membership to £65.