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I've updated the website to reflect our new meeting place of Winwick Leisure Centre. Our first meeting there will be for the next session (14th August) which will be a model night. Bring your cameras and your portrait lenses. Studio lighting and remote triggers will be provided. Visitors are welcome to observe but will be unable to take part due to limited time with the models - we have to prioritise paid up members.


It took a little bit longer than planned (busy week) but the gallery for the winning images from the WDCC 2017 Water Competition is now available and can be found on the menus above under competitions / results. Galleries are best viewed full screen (there is a button top right to do this) and in portrait mode on a tablet.

The top 5 in both the Digital and Printed images category are presented - images from David Mellor, Bernard Booth, Mike Lyne, Adrian Battersby, Ian Sprott and Andy Gilbert

We regularly get notifications from other clubs in regards to events that may be of interest to our members. Previously we have been posting them up in "Club News" but I never felt this was a good fit, so I have created a new category and menu item for "External Events".

The events will show up in the aggregated news feed, and will also be available on their own page.

As external events are generally for specific dates, they will expire when the event is concluded so should disappear from the list.

We currently have a problem with the website whereby the disk quota is being filled daily, requiring me to come one and clear some space to enable the website to remain active. It appears to be caused by the Flickr galleries caching hundreds of images to our server from the Flickr feeds.

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