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The winning images gallery from October's "Glass" themed club competition is now available. Please check out the menus above.

After 3 rounds of competition the standings are currently

1. David Mellor

2. Gary Bibby

3. Alan Dean

4. Christine Beedham

=5 Andy Gilbert

=5 John Kemp

=5 Ian Sprott

So it is all to play for in the January competition which is entitled "Autumn". Hopefully you already have your images in the bag, otherwise it might be a bit late!

Nice to see 3 of our newer members making a big dent in the leaderboard.

It's been 2 years since the last front page refresh (doesn't time fly!) so I thought it was about time I refreshed the gallery. A new selection of 24 images from the last 2 years worth of competitions now adorn the front page and will be the first thing visitors to the site will see.

An online gallery is now available of David Mellor's images that scored in this year's Photographer Of The Year competition. A chance to see all of his excellent winning images in one place! Congratulations David, some great images here as ever.

Following the committee meeting on Monday 22nd, we have more detail about the programme for the coming year, that I am in the process of entering on the website. However, whilst doing this I note that the wording for the next event was still in an old draft format and didn't accurately describe the next session. The wording sent out in the club newsletter was accurate, and has now been replicated on the club website programme page.

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