Thanks to everyone that attended, some good suggestions and feedback that we will discuss at future committee meetings. As soon as some minutes are available they will be circulated to members along with the financial report. We also had 5 new members sign up at the AGM which is a real success, given the agonising for months over whether we should move from the club's home for som many years in Grappenhall to Winwick. We've picked up around 12 new members in the last 6 months (about a quarter of our current membership).

Congratulations to Photographer of the Year, David Mellor - his gallery will be up shortly. Also congratulations to Pete Carroll for winning the "Alan Dean Award" for the most improved photographer. Both awards are well deserved.

Following the request at the AGM to update the committee section of the website, I have done so, and it now accurately reflects the 7 current committee members. At some point we will aim to refresh the photo's but luckily we had one on file for Kelvin from his prior stint on the committee.

Thanks to everyone for their input. Here's to the next 12 months.