As announced at the club last night, the results are in, as follows. We currently have 31 paid up members, all of whom cast a vote, so a 100% turnout.

Option 1 - Remain at Grappenhall and increase fee to £55 per year - 6 votes

Option 2 - Remain at Grappenhall, keep fee same, introduce additional per session fee - 3 votes

Option 3 - Remain at Grappenhall, keep fee same, amend programme structure to cut costs - 5 votes

Option 4 - Cut costs by moving to Winwick, keep programme and fees the same - 17 votes.

Therefore a clear majority in favour of moving to Winwick. We have a couple of issues to iron out with 100% certainty before we commit to move, but it is anticipated that these will be addressed in the near future, and we could look to move venues in August / September. You will of course be kept up to date via the website, newsletters, and at club nights.