The Club held its third competition of the Club year tonight, judged by Steve Carr of Wallasey Amateur Photographic Society. Points scored count towards the Photographer Of The Year competition. The winners and placings were as follows:-

Print Competition

1st - "Spring Onion" by Ian Sprott

2nd - "Unripe Barley" by Andy Gilbert

3rd - "Green Racer" by Ian Sprott

4th - "Malachite Butterfly" by Andy Gilbert

5th - "Shades Of Green" by Andy Gilbert

Commended: "British Racing Green" by Lawry Simm, "Water Of Life - Chester Cathedral" by Rory Pritchard

Projected Digital Images Competition

1st - "Pepper Caves" by Bernard Booth

2nd - "Lagonda In The Rain" by Ian Sprott

3rd - "Green Fingers" by David Mellor

4th - "Althorp Estate" by Roy Page

5th - "Leaf" by Adela Vcia

Commended: "I Spy A Big Green Fly" by Dave Norris, "Ten Green Bottles Standing On The Wall" by Alan Dean, "Paddy's Other Field" by David Mellor, "Roadside Greens" by Pete Carroll, "Broccoli Beach" by Bernard Booth

Congratulations to all involved, whether placed or just taking part.

An online gallery of the winning images can be found here.