The Club held its second competition of the Club year tonight. Points scored count towards the Photographer Of The Year competition. The winners and placings were as follows:-

Print Competition

1st - "1936 State Of The Art" by Lawry Simm

2nd - "Steam" by David Mellor

3rd - "Immobile Phone" by Andy Gilbert

4th - "Look What's In The Skip" by Andy Gilbert

5th - "Inside The Telescope - La Palma" by Chris Roxby

Commended: "Brothers In Arms" by David Edwardson, "Hawk" by Roy Paige, and "Jean Michel Jarre, Master Of Technology" by Lawry Simm

Projected Digital Images Competition

1st - "Technology, It's The Future" by Bernard Booth

2nd - "Technician's Oddments" by Alan Dean

3rd - "The Technology Of Death" by Richard Connolly

4th - "Technological Mousetrap" by Mike Lyne

5th - "Cleaning Spray" by Bernard Booth


As soon as I receive all of the winning images, I will create a gallery in the usual format. Congratulations to all involved, whether placed or just taking part.