To alleviate the boredom whilst the Camera Club is unable to meet, lets have some March Madness - The Best of The Best Competition. This will be straight knockout competition between the last 32 competition winning images, with the two halves of the bracket being split into prints and digital, so the final will be a face off between the best print and best digital image.


This is JUST FOR FUN!!


Each poll will last 7 days, and a new poll will be issued daily on schedule, so after 7 days the results of each face off will start to roll in and I will schedule them up so I can just continue straight into round 2 whilst the remainder of round 1 plays out.


There will be a total of 31 face offs, so this will take about 5 weeks to conclude. Hope you all enjoy it, good luck, and stay safe!


Check out the Club's Facebook page for the daily votes. Remember to like and follow the page so that you see polls as they are released. The full size images will be viewable in the comments section so check them out before you cast your vote. If you vote for the wrong image, just click on it again to undo your vote, and then re-cast it.