This week the club held the third competition of the 2019-2020 club year, and the theme was "Still Life”. There were 7 prints and 24 digital images to be judged. The club tried something different this time, and the images were judged by a panel of three club members who had not entered the competition (Helen Greenwood, David Mellor and Lawry Simm). As ever, points scored count towards the Photographer Of The Year competition.


The winners and placings were as follows:-

Projected Digital Images Competition

1st Place - “Dahlias” by Andy Gilbert
2nd Place - “Pepper Mine” by Bernard Booth
3rd Place - “Grapes And Their Progression” by Jeff Williams
4th Place - “Actea” by Christine Beedham
Joint 5th Place - “Fire Water” by Bernard Booth
Joint 5th Place - “Trout Pout” by Andy Gilbert


Commended - Bernard Booth for "Battery Park", Alan Dean for "Constellation Of Powder on Asphalt" and "Fridge Magnet & Figures", Christine Beedham for "Green Williams", Jeff Williams for "Turn That Light Out", Roy Page for "Planet Earth", Vicky Roxby for "Racing Car" and "Sweet Poppy", and Ian Sprott for "Padlock".


Printed Images

1st Place - “Have You Seen My Ball?” by Jeff Williams
2nd Place - “Time To Celebrate” by Andy Gilbert
3rd Place - “Fresh Fruit” by Andy Gilbert
4th Place - “Lumiere Camera” by Alan Dean
5th Place - “Green Eyed Daisy” by Jeff Williams


Commended - Chris Roxby for "Skimer Friendship Tapestry" and Vicky Roxby for "He Is Looking At You

Congratulations to all involved, whether placed or just taking part. A gallery of the winning images will be available on the website once all of the authors have provided them.