It's been 2 years since the last front page refresh (doesn't time fly!) so I thought it was about time I refreshed the gallery. A new selection of 24 images from the last 2 years worth of competitions now adorn the front page and will be the first thing visitors to the site will see.

This week the club held the second competition of the 2018-2019 club year, and the theme was "Number". The club welcomed Doug Bennison from Lydiate to judge the images. This competition had a large number of digital entries, so for the first time the club made use of the rule to exclude 3rd choice images to limit the number of entries. As ever, points scored count towards the Photographer Of The Year competition.

From Neil Hulme, who gave us his Moments in Mono presentation a couple of years ago:-

Hi All,
I was asked a couple of months ago would I be interested in being the guest artist at the Williamson art Gallery Birkenhead.
This is in conjunction with Wirral festival of  firsts and the Liverpool biennial. 
The Williamson Art Gallery is a beautiful venue which I am proud to have been invited to exhibit my work. 

Well, we got there in the end! This week the club held the first competition of the 2018-2019 club year, and the theme was "Open". The club welcomed Cy Newton from to judge the images. This competition had the largest number of entries for a very long time with 35 prints and 56 digital images. Great to see, albeit it makes for a much longer evening!

Hi All

Unfortunately, the second session of the studio night ((8:30 > 9:15) is now full, but the first session (7:30 > 8:15) still has 8 places left.

Remember - book it or miss it!


There have been a couple of minor changes to the programme to be aware of. 

Firstly, we have secured an opportunity to photograh inside the Warrington Town Hall, but unfortunately they have a council meeting on our planned date of 13th August and we cannot be accommodated so we are moving this event to Monday 20th August, a week later than billed. This will mean a three week gap between meetings.

The events from Jan 28th 2019 and 11th Feb 2019 have swapped over to accommodate the a availability of the guest Speaker. George Franks will now attend on Feb 11th and the competition is now on Jan 28th.

The programme has been updated on the website to reflect the changes.


An online gallery is now available of David Mellor's images that scored in this year's Photographer Of The Year competition. A chance to see all of his excellent winning images in one place! Congratulations David, some great images here as ever.

The competition dates and subjects are now available on the website, but please note that there has been a slight changes to the dates announced at the AGM.

In order to faciliate the availability of guest speaker George Franks, we have had to switch the dates in Jan/Feb 2019 so the competition is now on the 28th January 2019, and the guest speaker is now 11th February 2019.

Thanks to everyone that attended, some good suggestions and feedback that we will discuss at future committee meetings. As soon as some minutes are available they will be circulated to members along with the financial report. We also had 5 new members sign up at the AGM which is a real success, given the agonising for months over whether we should move from the club's home for som many years in Grappenhall to Winwick. We've picked up around 12 new members in the last 6 months (about a quarter of our current membership).