Events Calendar

January 2020
  • Monday 27 January 2020 - 19:30-21:30

    Show Your Images:

    Members are invited to submit up to 4 photographs each to show to the group. Shots from previous club sessions (location shoots, workshops, model nights etc) are encouraged (intended to show members that did not attend what they missed out on) but not a requirement!

    We also encourage "before and after" shots (can be before and after for all 4, or just 1 or 2 of them if you wish) with the photographer giving a summary of what went into the post processing - intended to inspire others into taking a "good" photograph and making it "great" with a bit of post production.

    Be prepared to talk about your submissions, why you took the shot, how you set it up, kit used, settings used, post processing etc.

    Also, if you would like some constructive criticism, let us know when we put the image up and see if we can generate some conversation around the image.

    To streamline the event on the night, please send your images to a week prior to the event. If you wish the images shown in a particular order, please number them. If you are unable to send them in advance, I can accept them on the night, but they may not be shown depending on how many were submitted by email in advance.

February 2020
  • Monday 10 February 2020 - 19:30-21:30

    Club Competition 4 - "Shallow Depth Of Field":

    Our fourth and final club competition of the year and the theme is "Shallow Depth Of Field". Your photograph can be on any subject you wish, colour or black and white, but your image should make creative use of a "shallow depth of field".

    A basic definition of depth of field is: the zone of acceptable sharpness within a photo that will appear in focus. In every picture there is a certain area of your image in front of, and behind the subject that will appear in focus. Some images may have very small zones of focus which is called shallow depth of field.

    Points scored count towards the Photographer Of The Year competition. 

    Please see the current competition rules for information on how to size and name your images, and we also have some general tips, and advice on mounting your images.

  • Monday 24 February 2020 - 19:30-21:30

    Annual General Meeting:

    This meeting is your chance to help shape the next 12 months at your club and have your say about what the club should do in the coming year. The club Photographer Of The Year will be awarded along with the Alan Dean trophy for most improved photographer.

    One of the purposes of the AGM is to elect a committee that provides the main structure and programme of events for you to enjoy.  We also set club fees for the coming year and announce next year's skeleton programme.