Photographer Of The Year 2016-2017

Photographer of the Year 2016-2017

The full results for the Warrington District Camera Club Photographer of the Year 2016-2017 announced at the WDCC AGM on the 13th March 2017 were as follows:

Photographer of the Year 2016-2017                   Alan Dean Award for the Most Improved Photographer 2016-2017
Andy Gilbert   Adela Llosa Collado
 Andy Gilbert receiving the WDCC Photographer Of The Year Award    Adela Llosa Collado receiving the Alan Dean Award for Most Improved Photographer

The complete results were as follows:

1 : Andy Gilbert
2 : David Mellor
3 : Bernard Booth
4 : Ian Sprott
5 : Lawry Simm
6 : Mike Lyne
7 : Richard Connolly
8 : Alan Dean
9 : Adela Vcia
10= : Rory Pritchard
10= : Adrian Battersby
12= : Chris Roxby
12= : Roy Page
12= : Steve Callan
15= : Alan Kite
15= : Annette Pritchard
17= : Dave Norris
17= : Dave Edwardson
17= : Vicky Roxby
17= : Pete Carroll

Photographer Of The Year 2015-2016

Photographer of the Year 2015-2016

The Results for the Warrington District Camera Club Photographer of the Year 2015-2016 announced at the WDCC AGM on the 29 February 2016 were as follows:

Photographer of the Year 2015-2016           Alan Dean Award for the Most Improved Photographer 2015-2016
Andy Gilbert   Simon Molyneux
2015-WDCC-POTY-Andy-Gilbert (192K)   2015-Alan-Dean-Award-to-Simon-Molyneux (81K)

The complete results were as follows:

1 : Andy Gilbert
2 : David Mellor
3 : Bernard Booth
=4 : Pete Carroll
=4 : Mike Lyne
=6 : Annette Pritchard
=6 : Ian Sprott
8 : Simon Molyneux
=9 : Kelvin Norton
=9 : Helen Greenwood
=9 : Roy Page
=9 : Lawry Simm
=13 : Dave Edwardson
=13 : Alan Kemp
=13 : Rory Pritchard
=16 : Alan Kite
=16 : Alan Dean
=16 : Paul McNicholas

Hall Of Fame

WDCC 'Hall of Fame' - Photographer of the Year Winners

Year     Photographer
2016     Andy Gilbert
2015     Andy Gilbert
2014     Richard Connolly
2013     David Mellor
2012     David Mellor
2011     Tony Smith
2010     Tony Smith
2009     Tony Smith
2008     Alan Dean
2007     Alan Dean
2006     Richard Connolly
2005     Tony Smith
2004     Tony Smith
2003     Tony Smith
2002     Tony Smith
2001     Ian Sprott
2000     Tony Smith
1999     Ian Sprott
1998     Tony Smith
1997     Tony Smith
1996     Tony Smith

Events Types

Club Events

The WDCC has a varied selection of events throughout the club year, that generally fall into the following categories. For a full list of this years forthcoming events, please see our events programme from the menu above


Guest Speakers

We aim for 3-4 professional lecturers for the club year, and invite them in to talk on a wide ranging set of subjects. We usually choose our lecturers based on other club recommendations, or by reputation. Our guest speaker events tend to be the more popular evenings

In the 2015-2016 club year we welcomed

George Steele LRPS CPAGB BPE1 who gave us his "Strategy For Sharpness" lecture

Dave Butcher, leading UK landscape photograher, who gave us his "City Lights" lecture

Michelle Mansley from Warrington College who presented a lecture on Astral Photography

Fran Hallsall, another award winning landscape photgrapher who presented her lecture "Seeing Is Believing"

Robert Millin DPAGB BPE5* EPSA UPI Hermes LRPS EFIAP/s from reknowned club Wigan 10 Foto Club who gave us a great insight into the world of "Competitive Photography"


For the 2016-2017 we welcomed

Cheryl Hamer LRPS who gave us her lecture "

Adrian McGarry who gave us an excellent lecture about iPhone photography called

Martin Berry brought the Warrington Photographic Society's collection on Lantern Slides

Bob Dennis gave us a lecture on "What A Judge Looks For" and then came back later in the year to put his advice into practice and judged our "Groups" competition.



There are 4 club competitions per year. There is a slight change to our scoring system this year. Top 5 placings score points, but only the highest scoring image per entrant scores (in each discipline - prints and digital images). Also points are scored for each entry. The points are accumulated over the 4 competitions with the highest scorer being named Photographer Of The Year. Competitions are open to all fully paid up club members, but are not mandatory.

In addition, one member will be named as "Most Improved Photographer Of The Year". This is usually based on competition performance from one year to the next, and subjective opinion of the committee on images shown on member's work nights, and club social media.

For more information about our competitions, rules, tips, and results of previous competitions, click on the Competitions Menu above.


Studio Nights

Studio nights take on a couple of different formats. We have "model" nights were we split the evening into two sessions, and employ an amateur or professional model to pose for us, under our studio lighting rig. The other format we commonly use for studio nights is still life type setups where we have a number of different stations around the room with various still life and lighting setups for members to try.

For more details of our studio nights, check out the Events Menu.



Workshops can be similar to the still life studio nights, but tend to be more hands on with instruction and guidance from experienced club members. Again these can be on a variety of subjects.


Location Shoots

Once or twice a year we like to get out on the road as a group and visit somewhere of photographic interest. The club survey indicated that bulk of members are prepared to travel 20-40 minues, with many saying they are willing to travel for up to an hour for the right location.

Outdoor and walkabout shoots usually start by assembling in the GYCA car park at 7pm sharp (but check with the Calendar on the Events page). We are about 3 minutes from M6 Junction 20/M56 Junction 9. Bus stops are located nearby, close to Chester Road / Dog & Dart pub. Many members share transport or can provide lifts where necessary.

Recent walkabouts have been Lymm Dam, Warrington Town Centre, Liverpool City Centre, Salford Quays, Grappenhall Walled Gardens, and the Woolston Eyes Nature Reserve. 2016-2017 walkabout dates are fixed in the events diary but locations have not yet been agreed.


LCPU Folio Nights

The WDCC is aligned to and a member of the Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union (LCPU). Their folios (a selection of LCPU competition entries from across the region) tour the affiliated camera clubs over the course of the year. On these nights we perform our own critques of the images and have discussions about what works for us, and what doesn't.


Member's Work Nights / Critiques

Members are invited to display and talk about their own images. On Critque nights, those members that are open to the idea can submit their images for constructive critique from other members.


Member Lectures

Sometimes our lecturers are from closer to home and we draw upon the various skills and talents from within the club, and have members talk on varied subjects for which they have a great enthusiasm.


Contact Us

Contact Us

There are several ways you can contact the Club:



During the day, call chairman David Edwardson on 07946 583069



General Enquiries - send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information by return.

Competition Entries - If wanting to submit an entry for the Club's Photo competitions you should send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Warrington District Camera Club
Winwick Leisure Centre
Myddleton Lane

Club Rules

WDCC Constitution (as ratified at each AGM)

Version dated February 2015

  1. The club shall be known as 'WARRINGTON DISTRICT CAMERA CLUB'.

  2. The object of the club shall be to promote interest in photography.

  3. Admission of members shall be at the discretion of the committee.

  4. The club is a voluntary, non-profitable organisation.  Monies obtained from members shall be solely used for club purposes.  In the event of dissolution, any club assets will be donated to a local charity.

  5. All subscription fees will be determined by the committee, and reviewed at each Annual General Meeting.

  6. Annual subscription fees, (except a new member's first payment) are due on the date of the Annual General Meeting.

  7. Students, unemployed and junior members (up to 17 years), shall pay half the normal subscription.

  8. Members and visitors under 18 years of age must be accompanied at all meetings and other events by a parent or guardian, or an adult with specific agreement of the parent or guardian, who will be responsible for their safety at all times.

  9. All fees are to be paid to 'WARRINGTON DISTRICT CAMERA CLUB'

  10. Any person ceasing to be a member of the club shall forfeit all right to club assets.

  11. The committee has the right to terminate membership, or exclude any member it considers guilty of misconduct or offensive behaviour to any other member or visitor.

  12. The management of the club is deputed to the founding committee for the first year, after which election of Officers will be implemented at an Annual General Meeting at, or about the end of February.

  13. The committee shall meet as required to arrange club affairs.

  14. The committee may from time to time, make, repeal or amend any regulation thought expedient for the clubs benefit.

  15. Members leaving unattended equipment, clothing or other property on club premises do so at their own risk.  The club shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury occurring at meetings.

  16. Club competitions are open to fully paid up members only.  Competition rules are to encourage members to enter into the spirit of club activities.

  17. Club studio nights involving the use of models are for fully paid up members only.  This is due to limited availability for spaces.

Join Us

Details about Joining

The easiest way to join is to come along to one of our meetings (see the Events and Meetings links on the Menu on the left) and join up there.  The costs and other details are below:

Membership Fees

Annual membership runs from the date of the AGM.  Membership costs are as follows, and are due at each AGM:

  • Single Membership of the Club for 12 months - £40.00

  • Joint Membership (i.e. two people at same address) for 12 months - £65.00

Joining part way through the Club Year?

New joiners who come part way through the year receive a pro-rata discount off the Annual Membership Fee.

Date Joined Single Fee Joint Fee
March £40.00 £65.00
April £37.00 £60.00
May £34.00 £55.00
June £31.00 £50.00
July £28.00 £45.00
August £25.00 £40.00
September £22.00 £35.00
October £19.00 £30.00
November £16.00 £25.00
December £13.00 £20.00
January £10.00 £15.00
February £7.00 £10.00












A £3 visitors fee is charged for people wishing to give the club a try to see if it for them. This fee helps cover the cost of the room hire, guest speakers, and the tea and coffee which is provided free of charge (i.e. drink as much as you wish!)

Existing Club Members are free to occasionally bring guests to the Club meetings.

Meeting Place

Where do we meet?

We meet at the Winwick Leisure Centre (either in the Countryside Suite, or the Main Hall depending on the setup requirements for the event - check the club events programme page)

Winwick Leisure Centre
Myddleton Lane
Warrington WA2 8LQ

Please note, your Satnav may take you to The Swan pub car park. The image below will help guide you.

winwick directions

To find us, come out of Warrington on the A49 north towards the M62 Junction 9 (Winwick). Cross over the motorway and continue past the B&Q and Burger King up to the roundabout. Continue straight across onto the A49 and then turn first right at The Swan pub (Golborne Road). Then turn first right into Myddleton Lane, and again first right into the leisure centre car park. This entrance can be hard to spot, it is directly opposite Waterworks Lane next to the shop called Thoroughgoods.


Disabled Access

Winwick Leisure Centre is all on one level and is fully accessible.



Warrington District Camera Club (WDCC) was first formed in 1984 and meets every other Monday at the Winwick Leisure Centre. We are affiliated to other Camera Clubs in the area via the Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union (LCPU) which in turn forms part of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB).

We are a non profit making, voluntary organisation.  Subscriptions (see details under "Join Us" on the top menu) cover the costs of equipment/lecturers etc. and room hire.  The club has more than forty members aged from early 20’s upwards (to 60+), with many lady members and students (i.e. it's not just a bunch of old men!).

Our membership varies from beginners, new with a camera, to the very keen.  The club is relatively young, (with importantly a membership young in years), and we would like to think, forward thinking.  We are a group of people who enjoy photography without stuffyness or elitism and that is the sole aim of the club.  We have members skilled in a variety of photographic disciplines, and with lots of knowledge of techinques and equipment that they are willing and keen to share.

The club has close links with other voluntary groups in the community and have been involved with the Warrington Woman’s Action Group, Warrington YMCA night shelter, the annual Disability Awareness Day (DAD), Warrington Collegiate, The North West Wheelchair Tennis Association, Warrington Athletics Club and the I-Witness theatre group among many others.  These links offer our members a mix of potential photographic opportunities and (by passing images back), return something to the community.

Studio lighting and flash meter, calibration devices, mount cutters and an array of photographic books and other items are available for members to use free of charge.

The programme through the year is quite flexible and can be altered to specific needs and interests.  In general the club provides a relaxed forum for meeting new friends, improving / showing off your images, discussing problems & sharing solutions.

Photographer Of The Year 2014-2015

Photographer of the Year 2014-2015

The Results for the Warrington District Camera Club Photographer of the Year 2014-2015 announced at the WDCC AGM on the 2nd March 2015 were as follows:

Photographer of the Year 2014-2015          Alan Dean Award for the Most Improved Photographer 2014-2015
Richard Connolly   Vicky Roxby
2014-WDCC-POTY-Richard-Connolley (118K)   2014-Alan-Dean-Award-to-Vicky-Roxby (81K)

The complete results were as follows:

1 : Richard Connolly
2 : David Mellor
3 : Andrew Gilbert
4 : Ian Sprott
5 : Paul McNicholas
=6 : Alan Dean
=6 : Greg Lucas
=8 : Mike Lyne
=8 : Sean Constable
=10 : Vickie Roxby
=10 : Annette Pritchard
=10 : Bernard Booth
13 : David Lynas
=14 : Alan Kite
=14 : Lawry Simm
16 : Dave Edwardson
=17 : Rory Pritchard
=17 : Kelvin Norton
19 : Chris Roxby
=20 : Anita Young
=20 : Helen Greenwood
=20 : Shelley Walsh

Competition Tips

WDCC Photographic Competition Hints and Tips

Competition Hints and Tips

These Hints and Tips are collected from the constructive and helpful comments made by the external Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union (LCPU) Judge on viewing our internal WDCC Photo Competition entries and are provided not as a comprehensive list of what to do and not do but as a guide for new Club members wanting to start putting in their own photos for Competitions.

General Hints and Tips:

  • Don't enter two (or more) photos of a similar (perhaps unusual) technique as one will always be preferred by the Judge over the other(s) and the other(s) will almost certainly be discarded in the first round.
  • Do not include your Name or Photo title on either the Photo itself or the front of the Mount.
  • Don't make your photo title too obscure or convuluted - the Judge doesn't have time to look at the photograph and try to figure out the link between the photograph and the title.
  • If using a cloth background, ensure it is ironed with no obvious creases.  Also, make sure it is kept smooth with no wrinkles on the ground (particularly underneath the model's feet).

Composition Hints and Tips:

  • If entering a Landscape/Scenery style photo, ensure there is something either in the Background or the Foreground that is a 'focal point' for the picture - something to draw your eye into the picture and pause on that focal point.  It gives a stronger interest to the photo.
  • When framing vehicles moving across the image, ensure there is room for the car to 'move' in the picture with space not just at the front (where there should be slightly more) but at the rear as well.
  • If submitting Portraits, eye contact with the camera is important.

Post Production Hints and Tips:

  • Sharpening:
    • If applying Sharpening to a photo, do not sharpen any large plain coloured areas (e.g. a blue sky) as sharpening can introduce 'artefacts' (basically digital noise) into the picture, particularly if overdone.
    • Only sharpen the main focus of the picture, not the whole picture.
    • If sharpening, use a small pixel radius.
  • Make the focus point of the picture stand out by lightening it, or increasing the saturation ... but don't overdo it!.  Also consider blurring the background to reduce distractions using a High Pass filter.
  • If grass in your picture shows up as very bright or verdant, this can be toned down by desaturation (but he added that Green doesn't desaturate well, try Yellow instead).
  • Darken distracting areas of light in the background (or clone them out if possible) to reduce it drawing the eye away from the main focus of the picture.
  • If your picture shows colour aberrations (i.e. colour 'fringing') at boundaries of colours, try and clone it out or if the aberration has been produced by sharpening, undo the sharpening and then repeat it but without sharpening right up to the edge of the abrupt change in colour.

Printed Photograph (inc Mounts) Hints and Tips:

  • Do not use sticky tape anywhere on the exposed front or back of your photograph mount - if the sticky tape comes loose or curls up, it could stick to (and damage) any mounted photographs stacked below it.
  • Ensure it is obvious which way up your photograph should be displayed by labelling the picture on the back of the mount with your Name and Picture Title in the same orientation as it is on the front (i.e. top on the back is also top on the front).  Also, you could write "TOP" on the back of the Mount in the right place!
  • Be wary of using coloured mounts for your Printed photographs as it can distract from the photograph - the Judge suggested using white, antique white or black only.
  • Sometimes with Colour prints, grey can show up with a very slight magenta cast if the printer colour calibration profile is not correct, or the printer has a small range of colour inks.
  • If printing a mono (i.e. black and white) photograph on a colour printer, the printer can sometimes give a colour cast (on printers with only one black cartridge) because the printer can be confused into mixing colours to try to make black - the possible fix being to print a coloured border round the print to give it something to do (which can be trimmed off) and this lets the black cartridge get on with the main job!

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