Competition Photo Mounts

Presentation of images is a skill which presents your images in a good light and protects your prints / enlargements from damage.

comp mount 01

 Example 1 - A 'double mount'

Any prints entered in a club competition must be mounted (but not framed!) using card of some kind. Mount board is a good choice and can be purchased from art shops. Ivory (off white) or black are good choices as most prints will not compete with either of these colours. The simplest mount is simply a piece of card slightly larger than your print that the print can be mounted on. Make it at least 1 inch larger on all sides and attach the print using spray mount or a little contact adhesive. To cut the card use a mount cutter or a steel ruler and a sharp Stanley knife. For example with a photo not for Club Competitions, a 7x5 inch print could be mounted on a 10x8 inch piece of mount card. However, if entering Club Competitions, the Mount must be the correct size - See the 'Competitions' page for details.

A window mount is a piece of card with a rectangular window cut out for placing the print behind. Where two window mounts are combined this is termed a 'double mount'. Example 1 shows a corner from a double mount of Ivory and Ivory card.

comp mount 02Example 2 - A double mount using contrasting colours

Here a blue toned print has been paired up with a double mount with an inner colour of electric blue. This brings out the colour in the image.

Note that larger prints generally do better in competitions.





 comp mount 03Example 3 - Multiple images on one mount

This example has a card mount way beyond the L&CPU sizes, so would be too large for these competitions. Limits are imposed for these competitions as all prints need to be transported around member clubs in a box of a set size. LCPU mount sizes are fixed at 500mm x 400mm (very slightly smaller than 16"x12")



There is no reason why you couldn't make a collection of several prints and if sufficiently unique and interesting to a judge, could do well. Example 3 is a collection of still-life images from a bathroom. Be aware that collections of prints on a theme like this may well be judged on the 'weakest image' in the set, it just depends on the judge.

WDCC allows home printed and digital images to be entered into club competitions. These can be commercially printed (if a digital lab is used, prints and enlargements will be on normal photographic paper, giving a life of 15+ years) or printed on photo quality paper at home (generally with a more limited life).

It should not be forgotten that prints for which you no longer can find the negatives can also be scanned and printed, providing you are the author of the original image.

The use of a card mount when using frames can also improve presentation of images. For example a 7x5 inch print could be dropped straight into a 7"x5" frame. However a ready made card mount (available from photo processing outlets like Max Spielman and others fairly cheaply) can enable a 10" x 8" inch frame to hold a 7x5 print with a little more style. Ready made mounts can be purchased in a variety of colours.