About our Photographic Competitions

We usually hold four competitions each year and all paid up members are welcome to take part.  Everyone goes into a single competition; we do not have elitist categories for beginner, intermediate, advanced etc.

Competition Details

Most competitions are on a theme, for example 'Blue', 'Dusk til Dawn' etc.  Where a competition is 'Open', any image can be submitted. Generally the first competition for each club year is an Open category (to get the creative juices flowing!)

All our Competitions are for Printed (and mounted) and/or Digital Images which are projected onto a large screen  (also known as PDI - Projected Digital Images).  Our competition secretary or any of the committee can help if you have any queries about or would like to take part in our competitions.

The top 5 entries are scored, usually by an outside judge, who can provide positive feedback on each entry.  Competition nights are very interesting for all members as the feedback usually includes hints and tips that everyone can benefit from (see below).

Competition Dates for 2017-2018

For this Club year the dates and subjects of the Club Photo Competitions are as follows (remember entries have to be submitted a fortnight before the actual competition):

    • Competition 1 - April 10th 2017 - Subject is 'Open' (submit by 27th March 2017)

Open - Completely free topic choice

    • Competition 2 - July 3rd 2017 - Subject is 'Water' (submit by 19th June 2017)

Water - The theme is "Water" - 71% of the Earth's surface is covered in it, so you should have no shortage of subject matter!

    • Competition 3 - October 9th 2017 - Subject is 'Song Titles' (submit by 25th September 2017)

Song Titles - Your images should interpret a famous song title, and the title of your image should match the song title.

    • Competition 4 - February 12th 2018 - Subject is 'Warrington' (submit by 29th January 2018)

Warrington - Your images can be of any aspect of Warrington Borough but must be submitted in landscape format for this event. This is because images submitted will also be eligible for the St Rocco's Hospice Charity Calendar for next year.

Annual 'Photographer of the Year' Trophy

Points are awarded for the top 5 placed images in each discipline, and for those commended by the judge. The scores for each club member from all the competitions during the year are totalled and the club member with the highest cumulative score is awarded the 'Photographer of the Year' Trophy at the AGM.

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