Warrington District Camera Club members examining the print competition entries

The meeting on 27th February was the fourth and final Club competition of the year. Former LCPU President and well known member of Bebington Photographic Society, Bob Dennis was invited along to judge.

With all to play for in the Photographer of the Year rankings, a good, high quality number of images were submitted on the subject of “Groups”. The subject matter was interpreted in a number of different and interesting ways and presented Bob with quite a challenge to select the winning prints and DPI.

Blended with his usual good humour, Bob provided a lot of helpful advice and comments to club members. After a lot of thought and consideration he selected images from David Mellor as winners in both the print and DPI sections.

The winning images gallery is elsewhere on the club website. Thanks to all members for entering and to Bob Dennis for judging.

The Photographer of the Year will be announced at the upcoming AGM.


Bernard using one of the product photography setups

A little later than planned, due to a trip to Rome, here is a look back at our last session at the WDCC. This was one of our workshop nights, where we have multiple "stations" set up with lighting setups, and various objects to photograph. The brief was "Product Photography" - taking an image of something potentially mundane, but making it look it's best by creative use of lighting. Particularly useful if you are an Ebay seller and want your items to look their best.

We had no dedicated instructor for the night, so it was very much a learn by "trial and error" type affair, although there were a couple of club members on board to provide a little guidance, although not quite expert tuition. The session was also put together at short notice due to the schedule changes and all things considered it seemed a fairly successful evening.

Some of the shots that have been posted up to the clubs Flickr group and Instagram feed looked really good, and we've received quite a bit of positive feedback from members. We aim to have 4 workshop style nights in the program each year and are always looking for new themes that members might enjoy. If you have any suggestions for future workshops, please email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or speak to a committee member on any club night.

So this week we had our first members work night of 2017 (we will have 3 such nights during the year). There was a great selection of images displayed, and it was great that the authors were willing to talk about their images (sadly Bernard, the author of some of the great images was unable to be there on the night). It was also pleasing that members were willing to accept critical feedback about their images, on how to make them even more impactive.

The email submission process really helped Tim out on the night too, so this is something we will encourage going forward.

I also mentioned during the meeting that for future members nights, submissions will be encouraged from club events (be they model nights, table-top sessions, outdoor events and location shoots). This came out of a conversation at a recent committee meeting that these events are well attended, but we often don't see the fruits of the session save for a handful of images that get through to the club Flickr page. So it was agreed that sharing of these images on members nights would be encouraged.

Part of the rationale for this is that new members get to see the sort of shots that be taken in club events, and get a feel for how they work.

My announcement caused some debate on the night, but please be clear this is not prescriptive or mandated, just encouraged. You are still able to proudly display your shots taken elsewhere.

I'm hoping to post to this blog in the days following each club event, in part way to document our year, record the successes and failures of our program, and try to help shape future events based on feedback from members.



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