Well, I’ve been a lax in keeping this blog updated, but it’s been a busy few weeks with all of my spare time being taking up with the vote and the additional meetings this has entailed. Since our trip to Another Place, the club has a number of events, that I will cover in aggregate

Member’s Worknight – Competition Winners

For this event we invited the top 5 placed people in the photographer of the year competition to give talks on the successful (and not so successful) images. I always find it interesting to hear how other photographers get their inspiration, what they were trying to achieve, and how they came to realise their vision for the image.

We had images from Andy Gilbert, Bernard Booth, Ian Sprott, Mike Lyne and myself. A varied selection of images and stylesfrom wildlife to nature, and some great creative shots.

For my own part, I like to show the before and after. Show the image as it came out of the camera, how it was when it was submitted, and give an overview of the steps I took to get from A to B. Sadly in that sort of event, there can’t be a live demonstration, although I know that people have asked for some more practical guidance on image editing. Keep an eye on the programme as we try to build those type of events in.


Workshop – Shutter Speed

This was a practical workshop led by Michelle Mansley, regular visitor to the club. Her sessions always seem to go down well, and there was lots of positive feedback from the night. Some photos from the event are on the club Facebook group and the Flickr site.

I consider that I know what I am doing in terms of shutter speed, so on the face of it I didn’t think that I would get much from the session personally. In actual fact I still had fun (especially trying to time a shot of a bubble being burst!) and even learned a couple of snippets that I didn’t know previously. We will try and get Michelle back next year for another practical workshop.

It was also the first time we tried out the Winwick Leisure Centre for a club night (the committee have met there on a number of recent occasions to scope it out). It was very successful, and a sizeable portion of the membership got to see the venue for themselves.

As you will no doubt know by now, the membership have voted in the majority for a move to Winwick to aid with cost cutting, ensuring the future of the club. We will move there in the near future once we have ironed out the last few details, and this will no doubt be a new page in the club’s history after many years in Grappenhall.


Guest Speaker – Adrian Lines “Post Creative Photography”

Most recently, we had a talk from Adrian Lines entitled “Post Creative Photography” where Adrian told us how he got started in photography, how his inspiration led him to creative, and both national and international competition. Again, heaps of positive feedback for the session, and I myself enjoyed it thoroughly.

Whilst I couldn’t begin to create images in the style of Adrian, I am a fan of this type of creative artwork. His presentation, where it showed the creation of an image from the building blocks, through the blending and post production process was especially interesting. Of amazement is that most of his creations are done in a night. It just goes to show the benefit of shooting everything, and building up a library of components to use in creative composites (we’ve been told the same by Joan Blease and Lynne Morris of Wigan 10 in the past).

I know from recent research of clubs in the region that Adrian is essentially on a tour of the LCPU over the course of the year, so if you missed his session at our club, I would recommend trying to pick it up as a visitor at another local club.