WDCC Constitution (as ratified at each AGM)

Version dated February 2015

  1. The club shall be known as 'WARRINGTON DISTRICT CAMERA CLUB'.

  2. The object of the club shall be to promote interest in photography.

  3. Admission of members shall be at the discretion of the committee.

  4. The club is a voluntary, non-profitable organisation.  Monies obtained from members shall be solely used for club purposes.  In the event of dissolution, any club assets will be donated to a local charity.

  5. All subscription fees will be determined by the committee, and reviewed at each Annual General Meeting.

  6. Annual subscription fees, (except a new member's first payment) are due on the date of the Annual General Meeting.

  7. Students, unemployed and junior members (up to 17 years), shall pay half the normal subscription.

  8. Members and visitors under 18 years of age must be accompanied at all meetings and other events by a parent or guardian, or an adult with specific agreement of the parent or guardian, who will be responsible for their safety at all times.

  9. All fees are to be paid to 'WARRINGTON DISTRICT CAMERA CLUB'

  10. Any person ceasing to be a member of the club shall forfeit all right to club assets.

  11. The committee has the right to terminate membership, or exclude any member it considers guilty of misconduct or offensive behaviour to any other member or visitor.

  12. The management of the club is deputed to the founding committee for the first year, after which election of Officers will be implemented at an Annual General Meeting at, or about the end of February.

  13. The committee shall meet as required to arrange club affairs.

  14. The committee may from time to time, make, repeal or amend any regulation thought expedient for the clubs benefit.

  15. Members leaving unattended equipment, clothing or other property on club premises do so at their own risk.  The club shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury occurring at meetings.

  16. Club competitions are open to fully paid up members only.  Competition rules are to encourage members to enter into the spirit of club activities.

  17. Club studio nights involving the use of models are for fully paid up members only.  This is due to limited availability for spaces.